Welcome! I’m Lauren. I’m married to Steve, and we live in Michigan because we love the snow (ok, I love the snow,) where Steve grew up.

We have three kids, and well, we don’t sleep through the night. Like, ever. But we’re over it.

This is what we look like when we’re all cleaned up for a photo:

Our Family - Ordinary|Awesome blog

{Photo courtesy of Katharine G. Smith Photography}

But most of the time it’s more like this:

About Ordinary|Awesome

We love Jesus, and we’re saved by grace.

I enjoy…

cooking // anything and everything, but Italian and cinnamon rolls are at the top of the list

reading // like, real books made of paper

eating out // at cute little restaurants downtown

pens and paper // Le Pen pens in a variety of colors and notebooks, cards, calendars…

What is this blog about, anyway?

If you come along you’ll probably hear some parenting stories, some life stories, some thoughts on grief and loss and calling and definitely some food and laughter… Occasionally I try to get crafty. I hope you’ll share your stories with me too. And if you’re crafty maybe you can help a sister out.

Why are you writing?

I’m writing because I think I’m supposed to… I’m writing because I don’t think I’m the only one to think and live these things and I figure if I write about them maybe both you and I will realize we aren’t alone. I’m glad you’re here.



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