Just Set the Table

We were getting ready for company. This is code for frantically running around the house stuffing toys in cabinets, wiping counters, sweeping up dust bunnies, making sure we have enough glasses (and realizing we don’t)…

On that subject – I’m trying to do two things to alleviate the stress that so often comes with having company – 1) plan ahead and 2) chill out about it. But this time I hadn’t planned enough ahead nor was I that chilled out.

Morgan was having quiet time, but she wanted to get up and help me. I said yes (because, hello – I needed the help.) I asked her to set the table. She happily agreed, and started getting silverware and plates.

Just Set the Table - Ordinary|Awesome blog

A few minutes later, however, she was over by the sink asking if she could wash dishes. My answer was no – I didn’t need help with the dishes, but I did need help setting the table.

She’s great at setting the table. I know she really gets a kick out of washing dishes, but the floor gets wet and I knew it wasn’t a good time to add mopping the floors and changing her clothes to the to-do list.

So, she continued setting the table. Until she was back at the sink asking about washing the dishes. “No, Morgan, I do want you to help but I don’t want you to wash the dishes right now – I asked you to set the table – that’s what I need you to do so we can be ready.”

Just Set the Table - Ordinary|Awesome blog

As these words were coming out of my mouth, there was a switch in my mind, and I heard these words as if God were saying them to me. Because there are things that I think would be so fun to do – things that I’m capable of doing, but what God is really asking me to do is to just set the table. Setting the table might not be fun or glamorous and it definitely doesn’t involve bubbles, but I have to be faithful to the primary things God is asking me to do.

Are you setting the table or do you keep asking to wash the dishes?


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2 thoughts on “Just Set the Table

  1. Well I keep asking God if I can eat something other than soup. Learning to taste and see that the Lord is good even if my food isn’t. Being satisfied with spiritual nourishment…

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