Dutch Baby {Weekend Cooking}

Levi asks me a couple times a week to make a Dutch Baby. It’s like big pancake, but it puffs up like a popover. It’s baked in an oven-safe skillet, but you can also make it in a metal 9×13 pan if your cookware isn’t oven-safe. When it shrinks down after coming out of the oven it’s warm and custardy – I love it! If you haven’t had this little gem of a breakfast food, then you should – soon.

This morning I made Melissa d’Arabian’s Vanilla Dutch Baby :

Dutch Baby {Weekend Cooking} - Ordinary|Awesome blog

She even has a video at the link above in case you’re worried you’ll mess it up (you won’t.) Sprinkle with powdered sugar, cut into wedges and dig in! She has a fancy blueberry/lemon topping, but I’m not that ambitious… It’s delicious without it!

My all-time favorite Dutch Baby recipe is this one: Weekend Breakfast Recipe: The Apple Pancake from The Kitchn. Holy moly – butter, sugar/cinnamon/ginger mixture, apples and the custard pancake. The apples caramelize in the brown sugar and cinnamon, the pancake is nice and thick and everything is just right about it. LOVE this recipe.

My picture doesn’t nearly do it justice:

Dutch Baby {Weekend Cooking} - Ordinary|Awesome blog

Here’s The Kitchn’s picture:

Picture via the kitchn


Try it and tell me what you think! Do you have a Dutch Baby recipe you love?


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