Special Delivery

Here’s something ordinary-awesome – Steve buys me Food Network magazine.

Special Delivery - Ordinary|Awesome blog

Ok, I’ll explain why this is more than ordinary.

I love cooking. And I love the Food Network. When the Food Network came out with a magazine, I got the very first issue. I am a charter Food Network magazine junkie.

Steve caught on to the fact that I liked this magazine, and one month he picked it up for me. Then the next month… and the month after that…

I have every single issue of this magazine (this is only some of them):

Special Delivery - Ordinary|Awesome blog

I have every single issue not because I’m a hoarder, but because every month since 2008 my husband has surprised me with it.

He knows when it comes out, and every month he checks the magazine aisle in the grocery store for the next issue and picks it up for me. He could have bought me a subscription that comes in the mail, but I’m glad he hasn’t. Instead, one day every month he comes home with it in a grocery bag along with the loaf of bread or jar of peanut butter I asked him to pick up – special delivery.

I say that’s pretty awesome.


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