Mama, Can I Do Bible Study?

In the mornings I try to take a little time to work on whatever Bible study I’m going through. Morgan is usually gone by the time I do this, but on the weekends she comes over and says to me:

“Mama, can I do Bible study with you?”

The first time it happened I wasn’t sure what exactly to have her do, and honestly for a split second I was tempted to say “No, I’m too busy” or “No, this is my time”… and then I did a double take – my 5-year old wants to study the Bible with me… YES. OF COURSE.

Mama, Can I Do Bible Study? - Ordinary|Awesome blog

So, I still get my Bible study done, but I pick a passage of Scripture; I highlight it and we talk about it. Then I give her a special pad of paper to write it on. Sometimes she has me write it with a highlighter in cursive so she can practice her cursive writing.

I love love love that Morgan wants to read and write the Bible, and I hope she always does.


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