3 Easy Steps to Taming a Paper Hot Spot

I have this spot in my kitchen. It’s, according to Fly Lady, a hot spot. It’s the first place to put anything down when we come into the house, and it’s the most convenient spot to move things to when we clear the table off. It’s a catch-all. Most days I can’t see the countertop.

I hate that.

I’m not great at organizing and cleaning and sticking to routines, but after a while the clutter really gets to me, and I snap and get my clean on for hours on end.

Which is what happened today.

I’m not really advocating this – slow and steady is probably better and you won’t have sore feet from standing for so long… But it got the job done.

I should have taken a before picture, but just picture it really bad: piled high with a month and a half of school papers for Morgan, preschool papers for Levi and Taylor, 15 library books, and lots of mail. Seriously. It was bad.

But not anymore:

Hot Spot Overhaul - Ordinary|Awesome blog

Please note: I could have cropped out the clutter underneath this area, but I’m keeping it real…

Do you have this problem too?? Maybe it’s not in your kitchen – it could be any place where all the papers and clutter go to die…

Here’s what to do:

1) Organize papers into binders:

Here are mine –


Hot Spot Overhaul - Ordinary|Awesome blog


Hot Spot Overhaul - Ordinary|Awesome blog

Household (sorry – no pic) and Calendar/My Stuff:

Hot Spot Overhaul - Ordinary|Awesome blog

I got a laugh out of the fact that one of my children picked off the stickers that said “Choose Joy” on the outside of my calendar binder… Is that like a testimony to how hard it is to choose joy?? he he…

I already had a household (bills, appliance info, warranties etc.) and calendar binder, but I needed to figure something out for school stuff. It feels so good to have a place to put all those things. I plan on punching holes in the papers that come home right away and storing them in the binder. I’ll sort through them at Christmas and at the end of the year. Ok, at least at the end of the year.

Maybe you’d like to have a work binder or a Bible study binder… Whatever kinds of papers you’d like to get a handle on – binders are a great solution.

2) Set up a spot for incoming papers and mail:

I found the white tray for mail in the first picture at Target for $5 – score! The goal is for papers coming in to be contained to this spot and cleared out every evening to start with a clean slate the next day.

3) Organize a supplies cabinet:

A few months ago I decided I wanted a spot in the kitchen to keep office supplies so they are readily available. I’m so glad I did.

Hot Spot Overhaul - Ordinary|Awesome blog

It’s super convenient to have important papers I refer to often right there, along with the change jar we fill up over time, pens, note cards, post-its etc. etc. And it keeps all these things off the counter.

If you don’t have a spot in the kitchen, no worries – maybe there’s a good place in another room for you to keep all your supplies. The key is to have everything at the ready so you don’t have to go searching.

– – – – –

You can do this! Just do a little at a time – maybe a step a day. Soon your hot spot will be controlled!

Go forth and organize your junk! It will feel great!


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