The Most Important Part Of The Day

Lots of vomiting going on in our house right now. Levi started on Friday, Morgan Saturday night, and Steve succumbed last night. Morgan felt better, but I was down a man this morning, so getting her out the door to school was… challenging.

I was supposed to have started the morning getting up before everyone else, spending some time in Bible study and prayer… But since we’d been up all night and I didn’t want to wake Steve with an alarm, I let the kids be my alarm. Ironically, it’s actually the first morning of the Hello Mornings challenge – a challenge to make the most of our mornings by getting up early, spending time with the Lord, planning and exercising. None of that happened. And with good reason, but still – not starting out great…

So there I was – hurrying Morgan along, with no patience or kindness in my voice. Eat quicker. Why didn’t you get in the car? Get out of the car quickly. Quick. Quick. Hurry. Hurry. And I made her cry.

I apologized, but I still feel awful. I know all too well that life just doesn’t work right when I haven’t taken the time to fuel up with the Lord. When I try to make things happen without His help it all falls apart.

The Most Important Part Of Your Day - Ordinary|Awesome blog

I’m doing the Bible study Gideon by Priscilla Shirer with our church women’s Bible study. She says:

“We may never take up arms with a shield and sword like Gideon, but we are no less in a battle every day. We know it. We feel it. Victory requires constant effort to take ‘every thought captive to the obedience of Christ’ (2 Cor. 10:5). […]

The bottom line is that empowerment by God’s Spirit is a necessity for success. Supernatural acts require supernatural equipping. If we haven’t been charged up, we can’t expect to operate correctly any more than my little boy could expect his toy to function properly without being plugged in. Both need to be connected and refueled to serve their purposes.

And when they are?

Game on!” (Gideon p. 31-32)

When I got back from taking Morgan to school I had a choice of how I was going to spend my time. I had to write my post for the day – it was going to be something totally unrelated to this… but I knew I had to start with the Lord first. Because no matter what it is – taking care of my kids, nursing my sick husband, cleaning this impossibly messy house (is your house like that on Mondays too??), writing a blog post… I am not effective if I’m not empowered by God.

The Most Important Part Of Your Day - Ordinary|Awesome blog

In all the little things and in all the big things  – I need Him. Have you charged up for the day? If not, it’s not too late to pause and spend some time with the Lord.

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