How “Frozen” Got Change Wrong

Morgan and Levi had never been to the movie theater. So we made plans to see the movie Frozen when it came out and everyone was saying how cute and wholesome it was. We got popcorn, and settled into our comfy chairs. They were awed by the big screen and the fact that we let them drink soda, and we were all dazzled by this delightful and humorous movie.

However, one point jumped out to me and has stuck with me since. It really bothers me. It’s just one little part in a less important song, so I’m not sure if anyone else even noticed. But every time my kids ask to listen to the soundtrack and we get to Fixer Upper, two lines stick out to me like a sore thumb.

Other than that I’m a fan of the song. It’s all about how we all have “stuff” – we’re all fixer uppers, and how love, basically, covers a multitude of sins. It’s actually pretty biblical – because in the end the only thing that can fix any of us is Love – and Jesus is Love. So my issue isn’t with the bulk of the song, just these two lines:

“We aren’t saying you can change him

‘Cause people don’t really change…”

Well, if that just doesn’t deflate the soul. Is there really no hope for change?  Can we as human beings really never hope to see any lasting change in our lives? How depressing and cynical… and false! No, seriously, it is not true. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Um… That sure sounds like change to me.

How Frozen Got Change Wrong - Ordinary|Awesome blog

And what about Romans 12:2:

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (emphasis mine)

Transformed? Renewing? Sounds like change to me. Radical change. And let me tell you – that’s good news to me. Because I could use some transforming.

So, I’ve been mulling this over, and hopping on my soapbox whenever my kids watch Frozen and that song comes on. Then at Bible study this week my good friend Liz shared this point. I’ll summarize as best I can from the notes I scribbled as she spoke:

GOD is the unchangeable One. He is the only one who doesn’t change. He has the power to change hearts. I can, in His power, make the choice to change.

It’s a different way of looking at things, isn’t it? I am not the Immutable One. Only God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But I do have to choose change. I have to choose to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey his promptings. Sometimes that happens through our conscience, but a lot of the time it happens through reading the Bible – the Word He’s given us.

How Frozen Got Change Wrong - Ordinary|Awesome blog

Barb Wilson, in the study Wife of Noble Character gives the formula to change:

God’s Word + My Response x Time = maturity, growth (ie. change)

We can choose to obey what His Word says, and give a kind answer instead of a harsh one, to share generously when it’s hard, to put someone first when you’d rather not, to be patient when you’d rather flip your lid… not just once – but again, and again, and again…

The only way this formula works is if you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior. I feel compelled to tell you this because apart from Jesus there is no hope – for change now or for us, period, in eternity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Jennie Allen says it well at the end of her book Restless (emphasis mine):

“We had a perfect relationship with God until sin entered the world through Adam and Eve. And with sin came the promise of death and eternal separation from God. But from the moment of the first sin, God issued a promise that would bring us back to him.

The penalty had to be paid.

Our sin was to be placed on a perfect sacrifice. God would send his own blameless, perfect Son to bear our sin and suffer our fate — to get us back.

Jesus came fulfilling thousands of years of prophecy, lived a perfect life, and died a gruesome death, reconciling our payment for our sin. Then after three days, he defeated death, rose from the grave, and now is seated with the Father, waiting for us.

Anyone who accepts the blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of their sin is adopted as a child of God and issued God’s very own Spirit to seal and empower us to live this life for him.

Our souls are restless until they rest in God. We were made for him, and he gave everything so that our souls could finally and forever rest in him.

If you have never trusted Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, you can do that this moment. Just tell him your need for him and tell him of your trust in him as your Lord and Savior.”

Frozen was wrong. Change is possible. And I’m very grateful.

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8 thoughts on “How “Frozen” Got Change Wrong

  1. Lauren, I am so thankful you linked up to The Weekend Brew so that I could stop over and visit. I’ve watched Frozen several times and have listened to the sound track and really, I never picked up on those lines in the song. I mean, I heard them, but I never really HEARD them and what they were implying. I am truly thankful for a God who can change the heart of a man. Change is possible, with God. Hugs!

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  2. Yes of course change is possible! And that’s not the only thing that bothers me about Frozen. That wonderful song that little girls love to sing? Here are the lyrics!!!
    “It’s time to see what I can do,
    to test the limits and break through.
    No right, no wrong, no rules for me.
    I’m free!”
    :^((( patsy

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