That Time I Got It Right

I had loaded Taylor up in the stroller, and was holding Levi by the hand. We made our way the three blocks to Morgan’s school, fought against the flood of schoolchildren pouring out of the doors on that Friday afternoon, and retrieved Morgan. We walked out, her bursting with all the details of the day, and me trying to guide the stroller, Levi and Morgan through the hustle and bustle without getting hit by various opening and closing doors.

The announcement that we were going to the library was met with a cheer, and we walked up the street to what has become one of our favorite places. Reading has been my favorite pastime since I learned how, so I can’t explain how happy it makes me to have stacks and stacks of books scattered around our house – some library books, some our own… Until, that is, I have to find all the library books… But I digress.

We made our selections, read a few, picked some up I had on hold…

And, inevitably, they asked if we could play at the park across the parking lot from the library. Sure – why not?

And, obviously, they asked if they could put their feet in the splash pad. It’s September – I’m pretty sure the splash pad isn’t on any more. And anyway, it’s too cold.

But, could they take their shoes off to play on the play structure? Sure.

Just out of curiosity, I mosied over to the button that starts the splash pad, and to my surprise – it turned on. Taylor had followed me.

“I put my feet in?” And against my better judgment – “Sure….. but don’t get too wet…” Since I had to walk with her, I took my shoes off and stuck my feet in too…

It didn’t take long for Morgan and Levi to catch on. “Ok, but I really don’t want you to get really wet.” It’s September, for crying out loud.

It started out fairly dry:

That Time I Got It Right - 31 Days with Ordinary|Awesome blog


That Time I Got It Right - 31 Days with Ordinary|Awesome blog

And it was so much fun to watch them getting a kick out of the water shooting up from the ground and out of the cool fixtures and seeing the happy looks on their faces!

I continued my half-hearted admonitions to not get too wet… Because, wouldn’t people think I’m an awful mom letting her children run around on the splash pad on a barely-warm-enough September day? Wouldn’t they get sick?

That Time I Got It Right - 31 Days with Ordinary|Awesome blog

But we all know it was bound to happen…

That Time I Got It Right - 31 Days with Ordinary|Awesome blog

And finally I just didn’t care. They were having so much fun!

That Time I Got It Right - 31 Days with Ordinary|Awesome blog

I think the best part was seeing this look on Levi’s face:

That Time I Got It Right - 31 Days with Ordinary|Awesome blog


Are you really letting us do this??

Yes. I’m really letting you do this.

I hope I pay more attention to moments like these, and remember to loosen up a little. God reminded me of that at the splash pad the other day. That’s when I get this mothering thing right.

That Time I Got It Right - 31 days with Ordinary|Awesome blog

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4 thoughts on “That Time I Got It Right

  1. Hi, Lauren.Nice to meet you through ’31 Days.’ “Ordinary Awesome” is really a great theme. Being mindful of things we tend to take for granted helps me appreciate them more deeply, which is why I write in my blog…
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is adorable Lauren! It reminded me of so many times when the opportunity for my kids to get wet presented itself and I gave in. Many of those times included water and SAND. Of course, I’ve always loved sand about as much as I love glitter!
    Thanks for the absolutely precious pictures!


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