The Artist’s Way – Week 1 Check-In

It’s time for the week 1 Artist’s Way check-in!

Here are Julia Cameron’s questions from the book:

1. How many days this week did you do your morning pages? Seven out of seven, we always hope. How was the experience for you?

Me: 6 days (this morning did not work out – we were up all night with a crying puppy… ahem.) The experience was interesting – I went back and forth between having a lot to say and having nothing to say.

2. Did you do your artist date this week? Yes of course, we always hope. And yet artist dates can be remarkably difficult to allow yourself. What did you do? How did it feel?

Me: Yes, I did! Friday morning I went to a French cafe and enjoyed breakfast all by myself!

First I ordered this:

Week 1 Check in for The Artist's Way on Ordinary|Awesome!

Then I wrote my morning pages and looked at this:

Week 1 Check in for The Artist's Way on Ordinary|Awesome!

It’s a map of my favorite city in the world… Paris. I tried to figure out which bridge Steve proposed to me on… I think it was the Pont d’Iena.

Then my omelette paysanne came (potatoes, ham, gruyere….):

Week 1 Check in for The Artist's Way on Ordinary|Awesome!

And I people watched and decided I wanted to do a little drawing:

Week 1 Check in for The Artist's Way on Ordinary|Awesome!

I ate slowly and tried to be unhurried…

3. Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery Describe them.

Me: I think working with the “blurps” was pretty significant – I realized I was believing things that weren’t true:

“No one cares what you write”

“You’re not as good a write as ___________”

Here are some quotes that struck a chord with me:

“No high jumping, please! Mistakes are necessary! Stumbles are normal. These are baby steps. Progress not perfection, is what we should be asking of ourselves. […] There will be many times when we won’t look good – to ourselves or anyone else. We need to stop demanding that we do. It is impossible to get better and look good at the same time.”

“When I make this point in teaching, I am met by instant, defensive hostility: ‘But do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to really play the piano/act/paint/write a decent play?’
Yes… the same age you will be if you don’t.
So let’s start.” (p. 30 The Artist’s Way, 1992 ed.)

I’m excited to hear how everyone has done in the first week! Let me know in the comments!

On to week 2!


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