The Artist’s Way with Ordinary|Awesome Blog Starts Today!

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The Artist's Way with Ordinary|Awesome Blog Starts Today! (6/15/14) Join us? :)

Oh my. If I change that title to “The Artist’s Way with O|A Starts Today!” I’ve got a very annoying ryhme on my hands.

Fortunately, I caught that. Ahem.

Well… Here we go! This is going to be a wild ride, I’m sure!

Today is the first day of The Artist’s Way… I’m not sure what to call it – club? group? read-along? But club sounds too exclusive, and group sounds too impersonal. We’re doing more than reading a book so maybe we’ll call this a circle as Julia Cameron suggests in the back of the book. Our Artist’s Way circle on O|A.

Sounds good.

Well, now that we have that settled…

If you’re just joining us, you may want to read this post on why we’re going through this 12-week self-directed course on discovering or recovering your creativity. You’ll read a little about the people coming along for the adventure, and it will give you information on what you need if you want to join us!

For those ready to start –

Today you’ll need to:

1) sign your Artist’s Way contract (yikes!) – for me it’s on page 23.

2) read the Week 1 chapter. (If you haven’t read up to Week 1 yet you’ll also want to do that too in order to understand the format of the course.)

This week:

1) make time to write your morning pages

2) look at your calendar to block out 2 hours for your artist’s date

3) follow her directions! I’m about as clueless as you!

Don’t forget:

If you’d like to join me on instagram, I’ll be using the hashtag #theartistsway periodically throughout the week! If you use it too, we can find each other! Should be fun!

Ready? Set. Go!


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