3 Summer (Or Anytime) Bible Study Resources I Love

3 Summer (Or Anytime) Bible Study Resources I Love - ordinaryawesomeblog.wordpress.com

I don’t know about yours, but our “official” Bible study for women at our church takes a break for the summer. Which is fine because everyone’s schedule is different, people are out of town, and it’s hard to have a consistent group week in and week out during the summer.

Very often, however, this has translated, for me, in taking the summer off from Bible study entirely. But if the Word of God is essential for life and godliness, then I don’t want to fast from it for 3 months.

So if, like me, you’re looking for ways to study the Bible this summer, here are a few great resources to do that!

1) IF: Equip

3 Summer (Or Anytime) Bible Study Resources I Love - ordinaryawesomeblog.wordpress.com

What is it?

IF: Equip is a resource provided by IF: Gathering. Five days a week they post a passage straight from Scripture, three journal questions (1. What does this mean about God? 2. What does this mean about me? 3. What does this mean about the world?), and a short video of two IF: Gathering leaders processing the passage. There is also great interaction in the comments between women from all over the world. Right now they are going through the book of Acts. It’s easy to do, thought-provoking, and gets you in the Word every day.

Check it out: http://www.ifequip.com/

2) Hello Mornings

3 Summer (Or Anytime) Bible Study Resources I Love - ordinaryawesomeblog.wordpress.com

What is it?

In their own words:

“Based on the free eBook, Maximize Your Mornings by Kat Lee, the HelloMornings challenge was birthed to encourage Christian women toward the life-giving habit of waking up early. The first challenge formed back in August 2010 and has grown to a movement of thousands of women, with over 200 volunteer leaders.

New challenges begin every 8 weeks. Each challenge runs for 6-weeks , with a 2-week break until the next session. We provide on-line accountability groups and various resources for your morning time.” (http://www.hellomornings.org/info/)

Hello Mornings challenges you to maximize your mornings by waking early to spend time in the word and prayer, spend time exercising to keep your body healthy, and plan your day. Free Bible study materials are provided or you may choose to do a study of your choice. Accountability is provided through participant groups of 15 members who connect through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I’ve done two challenges this year, and I’m still working on the concept, so I’m looking forward to my third! It has truly revolutionized how I think about my mornings. Registration is going on now, and the new session starts June 16, 2014 on Acts (coincidentally the same as IF: Equip!) If you accept the challenge, let me know in the comments!

Check it out: http://www.hellomornings.org/ or register here: http://challenge.hellomornings.org

3) SheReadsTruth

3 Summer (Or Anytime) Bible Study Resources I Love - ordinaryawesomeblog.wordpress.com

What is it?

SheReadsTruth is “an online community committed to reading God’s Word together” (http://shereadstruth.com/how/). SheReadsTruth goes through whole  books of the Bible at a time. Each post contains a link to the passage of the day, and a reflection on the passage. The writing is really insightful, the pictures are eye-candy, and they also include some fun things like free phone lock screens to download, Spotify playlists that fit the study, and beautiful (optional) hard copies of the studies for sale in the shop.

Check it out: http://shereadstruth.com/

This is only a short list of some options that you can jump into right now! I hope this inspires you to be intentional in your time in the Word this summer!

Let me know what your plan is in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “3 Summer (Or Anytime) Bible Study Resources I Love

  1. Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for the info. I am excited to check out the resources. I have been doing IF: Equip for several months now. I love working on a small part of scripture at a time but sequentially. It makes me do more than just read it. I think about it more deeply. The interactive community is like being in a small group. The different viewpoints are inspiring. Chris


  2. I’ve been looking for something like this since finishing Restless 🙂 Thanks, Lauren! Would love to hear any christian fiction (or non-) books on your “must read” list, too! 🙂


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