Stewardship of Our Lives


Last night I listened to this podcast recorded at a Q Ideas luncheon. Lindsey Nobles, Jennie Allen, Shelley Giglio, Melinda Doolittle and Rebekah Lyons shared about the tensions they face in their daily lives as women living out their calling.

“We spend more time worrying about things dying than planning for things to grow.

If God has planted something in your life it will grow.

A tree is planted because it is intended to provide shade.

You can’t plant something and be so fearful that it will become what it is intended to be. You need to prepare for that.

I want to be shade. I want my life to be shade for the nations. In whatever form that takes – that’s what I hope for. … I need to prepare for that to happen.”

– Shelley Giglio



So I’ve been asking myself – am I preparing for what God has planted in me to actually grow and bear fruit?

life_stewardship2 life_stewardship3

Am I using my gifts and planning for things to grow or am I already convinced whatever I do will die… will be a failure?

If God has planted something in me – in you – it cannot fail. He cannot fail.

What gifts has God given you? Do you know what they are? Are you using them? What keeps you from using them?


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