{Weekend Fun} – Curry and Bears

I always think the weekend is the perfect time for trying a new recipe…

This Green Chickpea and Chicken Coconut Curry with Swiss Chard looks heavenly, doesn’t it?


Photo via crepesofwrath.net

So do Crepes of Wrath’s pictures from Thailand in this same post. Yes. Thailand.

I {sort of} made her curry last week. (Stay tuned for the story coming soon… and my own curry recipe as a result…)

In the meantime, if you need some cooking inspiration, there’s an embarrassingly large number of pins on my Yum! board on Pinterest

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Head over to our Facebook page for a funny video Steve made… What time in history is Morgan experiencing?? While you’re there, we’d love it if you liked our page!

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We’d also like to share this wilderness tip with you… It is best to never make fun of bears. Especially wet ones.

Don't Make Fun of Wet Bears - Ordinary|Awesome blog

Photo edited by Steve

Have a delightful and relaxing weekend!


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